Knowledge region Leuven

University of Leuven

The company Optidrive originates from research at the University of Leuven.  This is not exceptional, the influence of the University on business / industry in the region is important. 

Triple helix

Optidrive can profit from an excellent climate for technology companies.  This is due to  combined and focused efforts from the University, the government and the industry.  The synergy of these efforts is often referred to as "triple helix".

Triangle Leuven - Eindhoven - Aachen

Engineering technology is the key competence of Optidrive.  The universities of Leuven, Eindhoven and Aachen have very good engineering departments and because of there mutual proximity, they have excellent relations with each other.  Optidrive is located within this unique triangle and benefits from the relationships with all of them.


Yet another triangle. The mechatronic approach implies that all components: mechanical, electrical and control system design, are chosen concurrently in order to optimize the overall system performance. This requires a thorough knowledge of the various domains and a lot of practical experience.   Mechatronics is the core competence of Optidrive, especially bringing theory into practice.

Learning place

It is the policy of Optidrive to be a learning place for its own employees and for its clients.  Others are invited to share our open minded attitude.  Yearly serveral engineering students profit of the excellent learning environment to make their master thesis.  People from all over Europe come to Optidrive for an internship.