Tailor made machines

Optidrive realises the custom design and build of your automated machine or apparatus. Our approach includes:

- Project management - Projects are organized in phases with a strict time planning and regular progress meetings with the client.
- Multidisciplinary competence - We are a complete team, mastering all necessary competence areas: mechanics, hydraulics, pneumatics, electronics and software.
- Complete in-house shop - Optidrive is equipped and staffed to handle all phases of the custom-build project in-house.
- Quality - All team members are aware of project status and are working toward the same goal at any time during the project.
- Safety - Right from the design phase, the safety aspect is given full attention, using risk analysis methods. Optidrive is bound by the European machine directives to comply with auto-certification (CE).
- Mechatronic approach - The mechatronic approach is the core competence of Optidrive: all components (mechanical, electrical, control system design) are chosen concurrently in order to optimize the overall system performance. This requires a thorough knowledge of the various domains and a lot of practical experience. Although our engineers have very good knowledge of the latest technological developments, we always look for the simplest solution which can do the job.