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OD Flex STONE takes care of the complete finish of all borders and edges of your stone product in one productions step. Contrary to an edge polishing machine, the robot carries out all these actions autonomously, without having to re-introduce the piece for each side. The concept of OD Flex STONE permits to finish more details, so there is no manuel finishing required.


It is proven that OD Flex STONE is 10 times faster than manual edge finishing. Compared to an edge polishing machine, OD Flex STONE eliminates a lot of manual work like introducing the stone for each side again and polishing details that the edge polishing machine can't do.

Easy to use

OD Flex STONE is known to be very easy to use. Absolutely no knowledge of robotics is required. The machine is operated via a touch screen and is very intuitive. It is Optidrive's vision that the operation must be extremely simple in order for it to be viable. In fact, each piece must be configured individually and this must be done in very short time. Simple pieces should be set in less than 30 seconds. One can be taught to use the basic functions of the installation in 10 minutes and that is no exaggeration!

For large processors, a connection to the ERP system is foreseen.

Proven technology

On a daily basis, OD Flex STONE proves to its customers in the whole of Europe that cutting and polishing the edges of worktops can be done in a very profitable way.

Additional Functionalities

The core of OD Flex STONE is the finishing of edges and borders. Additional the following functionalities are available :

  • Milling module: milling of holes or slots, milling/drilling of anchor holes …;
  • Sawing module: calibrating, large bevel cuts, mitre cuts;
  • Measuring modules: quality control on the measurements;


OD Flex STONE has built up a solid reputation in the finishing of worktops for kitchens and bathrooms for natural stone as well as composites. Thanks to the newest developments, OD Flex STONE can now also be used to finish stairs, window sills (for interior or exterior use) and door sills. The robot can do this much more cheaply than an edge polishing machine.