Optidrive developed a very successful Human Machine Interface for its robot solutions: OD Flex HMI. 

Let's take the example of the finishing of kitchen tops.
Kitchen tops are tailor made, so each blade is different in size.  Optidrive's human machine interface , OD Flex HMI, makes it very easy to define the finishing job.  80% of the kitchen tops is programmed via the "Quick start" menu and this takes only 15 seconds.  More complex jobs are defined by changing the defaults settings.  A complex kitchen top that is part of a L-shaped kitchen configuration, takes 30 seconds to configure. 

The jobs are added in a job list and the robot works job by job through the list. Interesting information like the individual processing time of a job, total processing time of the complete job list and the remaining tool life is constant available for the operator.

Thanks to OD Flex HMI, no knowledge at a all of robotics is required to use the automated installation.

On top of that OD Flex HMI has additional features:
- The job definition can be done in advance by the "work preparation" division and integrated in the ERP system of the company.  A bar-code reader detects the identity of the product  and the robot is started automatically;
- If for a reason a problem occurs and you need help.  OD quick support is integrated in OD Flex HMI.  This tool permits the service personnel of Optidrive to look into the system.  In most cases the solution is very simple to find that way.  This feature can only be activated by explicit approval of the client by using session passwords.