We are very glad with the choice of the OD Flex Edge finishing. This product is really a major step forward for Erbi.  You can see that this products is engineered and tested into all it's details.  It is, without doubt, proven technology. The constant high finishing quality is very important for us. On top of that the profitability is even better than expected."

A. Korst, Director/Owner - Erbi


Actually, OD Flex STONE,  is working now during 4 months.  Our evaluation is very positive.  The robot doubled our capacity of the edge finishing, which is a bottle neck operation particularly during peak periodes. The quality is on a constant high level. We are especially glad that the profitability, which was calculated in advance, is proven in practice."

C. Roualdes, President - Groupe Pierredeplan


We were very glad to use their testing facilities in order to see what polishing quality we could get with a robotic system. Doing so we eliminated all risks before the actual investment. Thanks to the experience and the service of the Optidrive team, we reached an excellent polishing result. We know by our own experience that this is not so easy."

Bart Lourdaux, Head of engineering - Vasco


This project is an important step in the further automation of our production facility.  We are the team of Optidrive very grateful for the good collaboration.  Although they know their business very well, they are always willing to listen to our special desires."

Paul Crevels, Head of production - Demeyere


The technology of Optidrive made it possible to automate the grinding process with the desired flexibility. The robotic installation works for several years now and we can say with confidence that it works very reliable."

André Janssen, Manager new production methods - Wärtsilä


Optidrive has executed an engineering project for the Procter & Gamble Research Division in Ohio (USA). This project consisted of numerical simulations of the drive system of the very successful "Spin Brush". The simulation model included the behavior of the batteries, the DC-motor, the mechanical components in the drive system, and the brush. It yielded more insight into battery consumption, noise generation, and behavior of the brush."


When I look back on the complete development process of the innovative drive system - we literally started with a blank sheet of paper - I'm thankful I could rely in a very flexible way on Optidrive's team of supporting people to bring the project to a successful conclusion.

Luc Adriaansen, founder/owner Almagates