Hudson Yards35

Franken Schotter

The first mission that the OD Flex Stone had to perform for Franken Schotter was right from the start a very ambitious one: the edging of 40,000 stones used in the construction of a skyscraper in New York (Hudson Yards 35).



Erbi manufactures quartz stone kitchen worktops by using cutting-edge production methods which include several Optidrive robot solutions.

J Rotherham

J Rotherham

Founded in 1927, J. Rotherham, one of the biggest UK manufacturers of bespoke kitchen worktops, stone fireplaces and architectural components in complex shapes and all sizes, continues to stand at the forefront of technological innovation applied to the production of natural and engineered stone components.

J. Rotherham decided to invest in the latest and most innovative technology by acquiring a Breton plant for fully automated production of quartz worktops.  Optidrive is part of the project by delivering 4 robots: 

  • Robot for unloading two Breton Combicut machines,
  • Robot for Storage of pieces (buffering)
  • Robot for edge polishing
  • Robot on a 16 meter linear track tending six Breton NC300 machines 


Rebillon Granits

Rebillon Granit

Rebillon in Saint Brice en Coglès, France, is part of the  Groupe Marc GW.   They invested in a Breton Smart Cut DUO machine and a fully automatic line for finishing Curbe stone.  Optidrive delivered 4 robots:

Robot for unloading and palletisation of cutting line

Three robots for processing Curbstone:

  • Handling robot to move the curbstone towards different production steps and finally to palletise
  • Robot for rounding and chamfering the edge of curb stone
  • Robot for flaming the top and the side of the curb stone




Diresco is a genuine Belgian family concern. Founded in 2003, constant investment and a focus on innovation has helped Diresco evolve into a key player in the international quartz composite market. Diresco is using two robots from Optidrive for edge finishing of the products.